Poverty is violence, We are ending it.


We don't use some funny jargon to explain what we do, and we don't do sneaky terms and conditions to eradicate extreme poverty in communities. We're about ending poverty, creating jobs, by doing the 'dirty' work and empowering the people, through nutrition education, bio-intensive agriculture, and cooperatives development. But we cannot achieve our goals alone; find out how you can help.


Model Farming

‘Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil and you're a thousand miles from the corn field’. Find out just how differently we are doing it and why you should join the world changing movement. Innovative ideas you will marvel......            Learn More →

Child Development, Nutrition & Food Security

Giving hope, giving a future; Chronic malnutrition, or the lack of proper nutrition over time directly contributes to three times as many child deaths as food scarcity. Yet surprisingly, you don't really hear about this hidden crisis through the morning news, Twitter or headlines of major newspapers. The dual scourge of hunger and malnutrition will be truly vanquished not only when granaries are full, but also when people's basic health needs are met and women are given their rightful role in our societies. Poverty, hunger and malnutrition can and must be defeated if we are to make this a better place…It does not start with machines, it starts with the people, their education, organisation and power of their ideas…Come join us…  Find Out How →

Cooperative Development

 Each individual member of our co-operative society works with that interest which is inseparable from the new position he or she enjoys. Each has an interest in the other. Labor can and will become its own employer through this co-operative association. We cooperate with each other for common mutual social, economic, and cultural benefit. Ready to take the next step? You can become a contributor to our cause, or participate yourself.Find Out How →

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”
— ~ Charles Dickens

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