Armed with our innovative minds, and doing hands – the age of poverty is over

"Samuel Magombo"
Hackathon session,
3330, 20th Street, San Fransisco  CA

March 24th, 2014




KNOWING that our work will stimulate and encourage people of whatever profession, or discipline to learn from our own innovations, to put poor peoples’ agendas first, and to support the practical participation of those otherwise known as “less privileged”.

AIMING to encourage many more to join pioneering, adding to and sharing experiences and methods  - For it is through our hands – on experience and efforts to communicate; that the practical potentials of approaches and methods will be realized and change, for the better; the poor person’s world.

REALIZING that service, sacrifice and self-control, coupled with an itching desire to make this world a better place for all; must always be the words and actions to be understood by the person who succeed in doing something that is of help to their community and the world.

KNOWLEDGEABLE that no person can rise to fame and fortune without carrying others along.

 So we are the:-

Innovative Development Initiative (IDI)

Harnessing our skills, defying the seasons


To contribute to the improvement of health and socioeconomic livelihood of the people by pioneering and implementing creative ideas.


Creating developed communities with self-sustaining economic systems and institutional capacities that value transparency and collective accountability through a well-regarded professional conduct.


  • To create sustainable employment to the people thereby addressing chronic abject/extreme poverty and destitution.

  • To contribute to the stabilization of food and nutrition security by making available vegetable and animal protein at affordable price thereby combating chronic, moderate, and severe-acute malnutrition including stunting and wasting in both young and old

  • To improve the local economy by investing in an enterprise that utilizes 100% of locally available ideas and resources

  • To improve people’s skills through training and skill’s development at our project sites

IDI’s uniqueness is in its approach of trendsetting Social Entrepreneurship (SE) in Malawi. In its organizational structure, the SE is basically the same as any other streamline profit oriented business. But it differs in its objectives. Like other businesses, it employs workers, creates goods or services, and provides these to customers for a price consistent with its objective. But its underlying objective—and the criterion by which it should be evaluated— is to create social benefits for those whose lives it touches. IDI’s Coops may earn a profit, but the investors and founders who support it do not take any profits out of the company except recouping an amount equivalent to their original investment over a period of time. IDI’s SE is a company that is cause-driven rather than profit-driven, with the potential to act as a change agent for the country. IDI’s SE is not a charity. It is a business in every sense. It has to recover its full costs while achieving its social objective.

The overall objective of IDI’s SE is to reach a point when our team does not have to dedicate all their time raising financial resources, rather; they should concentrate on producing a product, which must be sold at profitable price, and benefiting the people within the society in which we operate. Within our Coop, we aim for a full cost recovery and more, even as we concentrate on creating products and services that provide social benefits.