Colin Vandenberg

As a photographer, Colin is attentive to the moments when forms converge within the scope of his camera's lens. He is less interested in dictating how these forms converge. His composition rather depends on the rare moments when seemingly disconnected elements begin to play with one another to create a separate, invisible form existing in the relationship between them. It is in this invisible form that he hopes to communicate something beyond the reality of the image’s content.

Colin often present the politically, socially, and economically oppressed in his work, but never with the intention to ostracize, or sensationalize. Rather, he intens to reveal, through unexpected points of access, the similitude of the human experience, and the connectedness that exists between subjects and my audience.

In the body of work "Abu Hammem" meaning "Father of Doves" he documents the practice of keeping doves in the ruins of Palestinian Refugee camp Nahr el Bared. For several years Colin has been drawn to the transformative, existential nature of these birds, and in the context of war and destruction was further drawn by the common association doves have with ideas of peace and freedom. In a community completely destroyed by war, and inhabited by those who have been repeatedly displaced for sixty years, men stand on rooftops at dawn and let their doves fly through the coming light.

Colinmost often,write from his home on Lake Winnipeg. For over a year he has been writing a blog called Sons of Ash, a process he describes to have been "a rich process of introspection and personal development"..... and he says to be grateful to those who have taken the time to read and engage with him on what is often quite personal but which, he believes, is ultimately universal.

He is interested in reflecting on what it means to live meaningfully and with intention. Writing as a man, masculinity has been a recurring theme and there is no indication this may change. He isalso very interested in the discord between society and nature, ideas of morality and spirituality, and the dynamic perplexities of relationships.

He began a new project in early 2015 at where his aim was to raise hope and raise awareness around hunger issues, specifically about IDI's work in Malawi.

IDI's CEO and Co-Founder, Samuel Magombo describes Colin as "a good man and personal best friend......through Colin, you get to know that the life of a good man is a continual warfare with his passions."


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